Fireworks were first used in China during the Han Dynasty, 200 B.C., even before gunpowder was invented.

Although they began in China, it was the Italians, during the Renaissance (1400-1500), that began to develop fireworks into a true art form. Kings saw no better way to show their wealth and power than by having fireworks at festivals and other ceremonies, like; conquests. Settlers even brought fireworks over to America around the 1600’s, and by the 1730’s firework shows in England became huge public displays.

Unfortunately, for nearly 1000 yrs. the only colors that could be produced were the orange from blackpowder and white from metal powders. In the 1830’s, though, scientific advancements in chemistry enabled people to create reds, greens, blues, and yellows.

Fireworks can be alot of fun, but due to dangers presented by individuals most cities and countries around the world put on displays for our enjoyment, so we don’t. Remember many areas have already been plagued by wildfires, damaging thousands of acres, homes lost, firefighters and equipment pushed to their limits and beyond, so be safe and enjoy this and future 4th of July by planning a trip to an organized fireworks display. Most places that have these shows include music, food and other fun things see & do.