Toby, our dog acts a lot like we do. Yesterday I watched him as he set looking, concentrating on something he found very entertaining much like we do the TV. Curiosity finally got the best of him, he began letting me know that he wanted to go out to get a closer look at the subject. It was a lizard that simply scurried off when he went out. He then found other venues to explore. He as it were, changed the channel and checked out some intriguing smells that lingered along the fence line. His exploration lead him under a bush where he chased out some kind of bug in which he had no interest in what so ever. He decided to lay down and relax, take in some sun. I knew it wouldn’t last long because I saw his nose just a going, he jumped up following it like the cartoon characters do, except he didn’t float. The whole time he was outside his nose was in charge, which I guess makes sense because they say their nose is 1000 to 10000 times more sensitive than our’s. So you might say, smelling stuff is a Dog’s TV.