American Cocker Spaniel, the smallest of the spaniels,was first seen in America around the 1800s. They were popular for hunting back then but today they are a popular as family pets. The American Cocker Spaniel is a fun loving, energetic dog. This breed is well known for being good around children as well as strangers & other dogs. They love the challeges that new activities bring to their lives, both mentally & physically. Most enjoy swimming and fetching things. Dogs that spend more time indoors can be more likely to gain weight. It is very important to feed them a well balanced meal and make sure they get enough exercise.
When it comes to Toby he likes going on a couple of walks a day and a little time inside playing fetch. His favorite game is hide-n-seek. We take him on the road all the time, he loves to travel. You can follow his adventures on our website @ See you there.
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