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Who would have thought that you could be given a holidayLabor Day” for working so hard. That is right as a nation we have set a side a date on our calendar, September 5th, to remember the hard working Americans. This day is to commemerate the contributions of those who without their sweat, sometimes blood and yes even life this country would not nor could it be the grand nation that it is. It is only fitting that we as a people pay tribute to the workforce that helped build country into what it is today. So make big plans for this holiday because it trully is your holiday.


Thomas Crapper, you may have heard of him. He is commonly thought to be the inventor of the toilet. Yes, a man back in the 1800s named Crapper became the famous plumber, business man, and yes I know the saying “have to go take care of business”. The water closet as it is also called can actually be traced back as far as 1596. This guy named John, you know like going to the John, another common name for the toilet. John Harrington, who actually was related to Queen Elizabeth, the person on the throne, yes this to is a common name for the toilet. So next time you have to go to the privy and go potty remember these fine people who I am sure have had their hands as well as their minds on Crap.