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Dogs like humans do not like going to a doctor or dentist, but dental problems are as prevalent in dogs as in humans and Tatar build up/plaque is the number one cause of gingivitis which can lead to exposure of roots, and even cause teeth to fall out. It also allows bacteria to grow and migrate to other organ, such as; the heart and kidneys.

There is a false conception that dry dog food averts this, or can even break it down, when in fact it only allows it to build up at a slower rate.

Brushing the teeth with dog tooth paste or using a washcloth composed of water mixed with baking soda will aid in its’ reduction. Check with your vet as to the proportion of baking soda to water.
Petrodex Dog Dental Care Kit, Beef Toothpaste with 2 Toothbrushes


The internet is a wonderful tool, but I tried to find out why our Cocker Spaniel has occassional times where his teeth chatter and his muscle twitches, all the while conscious, but he acts like he doesn’t know what is going on and being a nurse thought had to be some kind of seizure. We found an article by “Dog Owner’s Home Vet. Handbook”, sudden inexplicable short bouts of teeth chattering could be a sign of focal motor seizures also called partial seizures. It went on to say the dog stays conscious and part of the goes into spasms.

Additionally, found information referring to the phenomenon as Multi System Neuronal Degeneration, usually hereditary in nature. Some of the information was confusing in the sense that said that it was found to be in red colored Cocker Spaniels, but can be found in others, because Toby is basically white, with a hint of “buff”. The really disturbing aspect is that it can only be diagnosed post mortum.

While researching this I discovered another affliction for white hair colored dogs, called “White Dog Shaker Syndrome”.

I was wondering if anyone knew anymore about either; it is quite concerning seeing him experience this and powerless to help.
Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook