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The Coyote Gourd, found in the Mohave Desert grows at the lowest and driest desert elevations along the edges of washes prefering sandy places. This plant has a sprawling vine with large yellow flowers. The pulp of this melon contains one of the most bitter substances known to mankind, yet we use it to make such things as soap. The Native Americans attribute the Coyote “the trickster” with giving these gourds a bitter flavor while providing edible, nutritious seeds high in protein and fat. Animals like the Coyote, Porcupine and others still find a way to eat the seeds while the Javelina dig up and eat the tuberous flesh-like roots they sniff out even when there are no viines above the ground. Humans have been using these gourds for containers & decorative items since prehistoric times.



Everyone loves a Parade! Most have marching bands, all kinds of performers and floats, none can compare to the little Parade that started in 1924 along Broadway in New York City. This Parade has balloons the size of buildings. It is the Parade that has become known as the Parade that kicks of the Holiday Season. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!  

 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Sin City has always been the place to Party but on Halloween and in some cases the whole month of October it becomes a monster of a party place. It may very well have more haunted houses than anywhere we have seen. Starting with the FrightDome at the Circus Circuss with not one but 5 haunted houses. If wax figures scare you grab your glow stick and check out Madame Tussauds After Dark. New York New York has Zombie Precinct for you undead lovers. For the largest street party you can find get your costume on and join the free entertainment at the “timewarp” party at the Freemont Street, a scary Experience indeed.


Living so close to Vegas we get to explore both the natural wonders around the city as well as the strip. There are a number of places that are dog friendly. One of my favorite is the Desert Breeze County Park. It has lots of grass for me to play in, it has both a path where we can walk with me on the leash and an area where dogs can play fenced in. They like it because it is just five miles from the strip.

The Lorenzi Park, just about a mile west of downtown is another great place to play in the grass and it has a beautiful lake.

Now for a small fee the Floyd Lamb State Park is a good place. With paths winding around the fishing lakes, historic sites and grassy areas shaded by trees makes it another one to put on your list of places to visit.

This park is at the top of our list of great dog friendly hiking places. Spring Mountain Recreation Area with over 316,000 acres within the Toiyabe National Forest and only thirty-five miles outside of town. If you time your visit right you can see the waterfall or check out one of the small caves all at the foot of the majestic Mt. Charleston.

The fist park on our list is the Red Rock National Area. This park has hiking for everyone but keep in mind dogs are allowed on some and not others. Now you don’t have to be a hiker to enjoy this park thanks to its 13 mile loop with it vistas and overlooks. If your trip can’t squeeze in another fee you can get a sampling of this parks beauty by stopping by the visitor center, it’s free. The rock formations and color should not be missed plus it is just a twenty-five  minute drive from Vegas. 

Then when you want to hit the Strip and see if you can win the big bucks just drop the four-legged member of the family at the  


They have a reputation of being venomous monsters. Using their eight legs to scurry across the ground like they are part of a raceing team. Then when confronted are finding prey the long tail curved over head becomes a lethal weapon. Actually only 25 of the 1000s of species can kill a human. They are found in all most every country thanks to hitching a ride with merchants.  When it comes to getting stung by one, well, do what your doctor says.
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Bats and Owls have always had their place in Halloween lore. At one time thought to be spirits of the dead.
With bats living in caves they were linked to the underworld. When people would hear the screech of the owl they were afraid that it was demons screaming out from the darkness. Even black cats were believed to be witches who prowled the streets for an unsuspecting passerby to cast an evil spell on. Many creatures that come out at night were feared to be lost souls reincarnated to continue making havoc of mankind’s lives.

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If you want to spend some time with your dog, on a dog friendly beach, Marina Park, Ventura, CA is the place you want to be. Toby stayed at a dog friendly motel on E Harbor Blvd. Ventura, CA and it took about five mins. to drive to the park and to downtown shops. Check out the mission and the mission park, beautiful fountains and one of the largest trees you will ever see. Fantastic architecture and very friendly people, had a great time and look forward going back.

Toby had fun playing with the other dogs and we enjoyed watching & listening to the crashing waves. There are other parks in town equally dog friendly and a great place to watch surfers and those who want to be.

It is a beautiful time of year. The trees start changing colors and like an artist paint the landscape with Oranges, Yellows, Reds and even Purples plus we can’t forget the Brown, I know not as pretty but still part of the fantastic Fall foliage. As the days get shorter the trees realize Winter is coming so they start going into a dorment phase. This lack of activity cause some chemicals to get trapped in the leaves and this turns Red & Purple. Too much of another chemical is what brings about the Oranges and Yellows. Now Brown that is just waste left in the leaves.
That’s right all these beautiful colors we look forward to are just natures way of dealing with the next
season, Winter.


World Trade Center:
we ask what were you doing when it happened? Where were you?
When i saw it on the TV i thought it was a movie. Then as i listened to the reporter i spotted in the corner of my eye another plane, i go “Oh my Gosh, this is not an accident, this is War!” Then i started flipping channels to hear the latest. Another plane hit the Pentagon, soon another had crashed in a field in PA.
As a Nation we were in horror, as a People we knew this changes everything.
Now, ten years later we honor those who died, some because it was their job, some because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, others voted and decided to die on their terms, Flight 93: The Movie
People from many countries died because these acts by a few men. They knew why they were doing it. Those who helped them had their reasons. Why and Who was really behind it? Al-Qaeda? Why did we attack Iraq then? There are as many facts as there are questions.
911 commission report

In arid regions like the deserts of Arizona wild duststorms can form. You can see dustdevils all over the landscape of Arizona. But when you see a Haboob you need to get to shelter. When a thunderstorm forms the winds will move in other directions being pulled into the storm. Then when the storm reaches the point of producing rain it caves in on it self. This pushes the wind out away from the storm known now as a downdraft. As the wind hits the desert floor it causes the sand to blow out forming a wall of debrie ahead of the storm. They can be as wide as 60 miles with severe damaging winds. The following picture

is of one that hit Eloy Arizona August 18th 2011. Homes were damaged, billboard signs were scattered over the highway. We were lucky to make it through this storm. We will share more photos soon. Toby was not to happy about being caught in this Haboob.
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