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On a beautiful sunny day in Arizona while out exploring the desert landscape you might see one of these twirling in the distance. Most of the time Dust Devils don’t get big enough to do much damage. But don’t be fooled by their size, you would not want to be standing in their path. Maybe you have seen them cross the highway as a vehicle hits them, it can catch a driver off-guard.
Dust Devils can become very strong and in rare cases people have been hurt by them. Even a small one can be a well formed whirlwind staying together for some time. They are similar to tarnadoes with winds rotating upward in a column of sand and debris.
So next time your traveling across the southwest US be watching for a little dust kicking up. It might be the beginning of a Dust Devil!


I am no scientist or meteorologist but it looks like everything has to be just right in the atmosphere for a hurricane to form. Warm moist air over a warm body of water, the ocean, starts rising, because heat rises. Surrounding air is pulled in to take its place. As that warm air rises it cools off and forms clouds. All this begins to spin and grow rotating faster & faster. The winds aloft push it along helping it to move over the surface of the ocean but not interfering with the storms evolution. Hurricanes develop vertically so a change in wind speed and direction would be like throwing a ball into a window. The storm would most likely fall apart. So if we could create a wind shear we might be able to stop a hurricane.
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