Dogs like humans do not like going to a doctor or dentist, but dental problems are as prevalent in dogs as in humans and Tatar build up/plaque is the number one cause of gingivitis which can lead to exposure of roots, and even cause teeth to fall out. It also allows bacteria to grow and migrate to other organ, such as; the heart and kidneys.

There is a false conception that dry dog food averts this, or can even break it down, when in fact it only allows it to build up at a slower rate.

Brushing the teeth with dog tooth paste or using a washcloth composed of water mixed with baking soda will aid in its’ reduction. Check with your vet as to the proportion of baking soda to water.
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I am no scientist or meteorologist but it looks like everything has to be just right in the atmosphere for a hurricane to form. Warm moist air over a warm body of water, the ocean, starts rising, because heat rises. Surrounding air is pulled in to take its place. As that warm air rises it cools off and forms clouds. All this begins to spin and grow rotating faster & faster. The winds aloft push it along helping it to move over the surface of the ocean but not interfering with the storms evolution. Hurricanes develop vertically so a change in wind speed and direction would be like throwing a ball into a window. The storm would most likely fall apart. So if we could create a wind shear we might be able to stop a hurricane.
Hurricanes! History's Most Destructive Storms (Hurricane Camille & Betsy)

Who would have thought that you could be given a holidayLabor Day” for working so hard. That is right as a nation we have set a side a date on our calendar, September 5th, to remember the hard working Americans. This day is to commemerate the contributions of those who without their sweat, sometimes blood and yes even life this country would not nor could it be the grand nation that it is. It is only fitting that we as a people pay tribute to the workforce that helped build country into what it is today. So make big plans for this holiday because it trully is your holiday.

American Cocker Spaniel, the smallest of the spaniels,was first seen in America around the 1800s. They were popular for hunting back then but today they are a popular as family pets. The American Cocker Spaniel is a fun loving, energetic dog. This breed is well known for being good around children as well as strangers & other dogs. They love the challeges that new activities bring to their lives, both mentally & physically. Most enjoy swimming and fetching things. Dogs that spend more time indoors can be more likely to gain weight. It is very important to feed them a well balanced meal and make sure they get enough exercise.
When it comes to Toby he likes going on a couple of walks a day and a little time inside playing fetch. His favorite game is hide-n-seek. We take him on the road all the time, he loves to travel. You can follow his adventures on our website @ See you there.
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In arid regions like the deserts of Arizona wild duststorms can form. You can see dustdevils all over the landscape of Arizona. But when you see a Haboob you need to get to shelter. When a thunderstorm forms the winds will move in other directions being pulled into the storm. Then when the storm reaches the point of producing rain it caves in on it self. This pushes the wind out away from the storm known now as a downdraft. As the wind hits the desert floor it causes the sand to blow out forming a wall of debrie ahead of the storm. They can be as wide as 60 miles with severe damaging winds. The following picture

is of one that hit Eloy Arizona August 18th 2011. Homes were damaged, billboard signs were scattered over the highway. We were lucky to make it through this storm. We will share more photos soon. Toby was not to happy about being caught in this Haboob.
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The internet is a wonderful tool, but I tried to find out why our Cocker Spaniel has occassional times where his teeth chatter and his muscle twitches, all the while conscious, but he acts like he doesn’t know what is going on and being a nurse thought had to be some kind of seizure. We found an article by “Dog Owner’s Home Vet. Handbook”, sudden inexplicable short bouts of teeth chattering could be a sign of focal motor seizures also called partial seizures. It went on to say the dog stays conscious and part of the goes into spasms.

Additionally, found information referring to the phenomenon as Multi System Neuronal Degeneration, usually hereditary in nature. Some of the information was confusing in the sense that said that it was found to be in red colored Cocker Spaniels, but can be found in others, because Toby is basically white, with a hint of “buff”. The really disturbing aspect is that it can only be diagnosed post mortum.

While researching this I discovered another affliction for white hair colored dogs, called “White Dog Shaker Syndrome”.

I was wondering if anyone knew anymore about either; it is quite concerning seeing him experience this and powerless to help.
Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook

Thomas Crapper, you may have heard of him. He is commonly thought to be the inventor of the toilet. Yes, a man back in the 1800s named Crapper became the famous plumber, business man, and yes I know the saying “have to go take care of business”. The water closet as it is also called can actually be traced back as far as 1596. This guy named John, you know like going to the John, another common name for the toilet. John Harrington, who actually was related to Queen Elizabeth, the person on the throne, yes this to is a common name for the toilet. So next time you have to go to the privy and go potty remember these fine people who I am sure have had their hands as well as their minds on Crap.

History of keeping animals as pets

Although there is uncertainty as to when humans started keeping animals as pets, since their original purpose was for food, work, or to hunt, it was more than likely the wealthy who adopted the idea since they had the luxury of maintaining an animal in a pet capacity; the dog fit the bill and therefore thought to be the first domesticated animal.

Romans were known to have had pets, particularly dogs and birds, but they also had cats and horses, but they were also seen as work animals. The history of fish as pets, too, can be dated back to the seventh century, when Buddhist Monks maintained ornamental fish in ponds; by the fourteen century fish made their way indoors kept in bowls.

During the middle ages pet cats were burned with their owners suspected of witchcraft, whereas at the same time dog breeding became popular for herding, guarding and hunting, however the wealthy also had the luxury of breeding based on character, size and behavior.

The American colonists brought pets over to the new world with them but they were seen more as work animals. Dogs were guards and cats killed rats. By the 1800s a middle class emerged bringing with it the modern age of pet keeping. It was the first time people had the money to keep animals for just companionship. About this time commercially prepared dog food was being made in England but it was not untill after WWI that canned dog food was available.

The twentieth century introduced keeping horses for personal enjoyment rather than for doing work around the property. This was a time when dogs dominated as the pet of choice but tropical birds and fish had also became popular as household pets. In the 1940s cat litter was developed and this made the cat surpass the other animals in popularity as the family pet.

Today pets are like a member of the family. We buy things for them and write stories about them.

Toby, our dog acts a lot like we do. Yesterday I watched him as he set looking, concentrating on something he found very entertaining much like we do the TV. Curiosity finally got the best of him, he began letting me know that he wanted to go out to get a closer look at the subject. It was a lizard that simply scurried off when he went out. He then found other venues to explore. He as it were, changed the channel and checked out some intriguing smells that lingered along the fence line. His exploration lead him under a bush where he chased out some kind of bug in which he had no interest in what so ever. He decided to lay down and relax, take in some sun. I knew it wouldn’t last long because I saw his nose just a going, he jumped up following it like the cartoon characters do, except he didn’t float. The whole time he was outside his nose was in charge, which I guess makes sense because they say their nose is 1000 to 10000 times more sensitive than our’s. So you might say, smelling stuff is a Dog’s TV.

when i stepped outside what did i see, strange & Supernatural things, shapeshifters and Transformers, just a preview of things to come, vampires no longer lurking in the shadows, werewolves did not wait till the full moon, aliens abducting cowboys, i saw a man of steel, another of iron even spidermen, batmen, catwomen, yes hobbits, i thought it was our darkest hour, could not tell villans from heroes, we were on the Fringe of a Big Bang, then i realized it was just wild costumes, people were just Being Human, because this was…