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World Trade Center:
we ask what were you doing when it happened? Where were you?
When i saw it on the TV i thought it was a movie. Then as i listened to the reporter i spotted in the corner of my eye another plane, i go “Oh my Gosh, this is not an accident, this is War!” Then i started flipping channels to hear the latest. Another plane hit the Pentagon, soon another had crashed in a field in PA.
As a Nation we were in horror, as a People we knew this changes everything.
Now, ten years later we honor those who died, some because it was their job, some because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, others voted and decided to die on their terms, Flight 93: The Movie
People from many countries died because these acts by a few men. They knew why they were doing it. Those who helped them had their reasons. Why and Who was really behind it? Al-Qaeda? Why did we attack Iraq then? There are as many facts as there are questions.
911 commission report