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Everyone loves a Parade! Most have marching bands, all kinds of performers and floats, none can compare to the little Parade that started in 1924 along Broadway in New York City. This Parade has balloons the size of buildings. It is the Parade that has become known as the Parade that kicks of the Holiday Season. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!  

 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone


Sin City has always been the place to Party but on Halloween and in some cases the whole month of October it becomes a monster of a party place. It may very well have more haunted houses than anywhere we have seen. Starting with the FrightDome at the Circus Circuss with not one but 5 haunted houses. If wax figures scare you grab your glow stick and check out Madame Tussauds After Dark. New York New York has Zombie Precinct for you undead lovers. For the largest street party you can find get your costume on and join the free entertainment at the “timewarp” party at the Freemont Street, a scary Experience indeed.


Living so close to Vegas we get to explore both the natural wonders around the city as well as the strip. There are a number of places that are dog friendly. One of my favorite is the Desert Breeze County Park. It has lots of grass for me to play in, it has both a path where we can walk with me on the leash and an area where dogs can play fenced in. They like it because it is just five miles from the strip.

The Lorenzi Park, just about a mile west of downtown is another great place to play in the grass and it has a beautiful lake.

Now for a small fee the Floyd Lamb State Park is a good place. With paths winding around the fishing lakes, historic sites and grassy areas shaded by trees makes it another one to put on your list of places to visit.

This park is at the top of our list of great dog friendly hiking places. Spring Mountain Recreation Area with over 316,000 acres within the Toiyabe National Forest and only thirty-five miles outside of town. If you time your visit right you can see the waterfall or check out one of the small caves all at the foot of the majestic Mt. Charleston.

The fist park on our list is the Red Rock National Area. This park has hiking for everyone but keep in mind dogs are allowed on some and not others. Now you don’t have to be a hiker to enjoy this park thanks to its 13 mile loop with it vistas and overlooks. If your trip can’t squeeze in another fee you can get a sampling of this parks beauty by stopping by the visitor center, it’s free. The rock formations and color should not be missed plus it is just a twenty-five  minute drive from Vegas. 

Then when you want to hit the Strip and see if you can win the big bucks just drop the four-legged member of the family at the  


Fireworks were first used in China during the Han Dynasty, 200 B.C., even before gunpowder was invented.

Although they began in China, it was the Italians, during the Renaissance (1400-1500), that began to develop fireworks into a true art form. Kings saw no better way to show their wealth and power than by having fireworks at festivals and other ceremonies, like; conquests. Settlers even brought fireworks over to America around the 1600’s, and by the 1730’s firework shows in England became huge public displays.

Unfortunately, for nearly 1000 yrs. the only colors that could be produced were the orange from blackpowder and white from metal powders. In the 1830’s, though, scientific advancements in chemistry enabled people to create reds, greens, blues, and yellows.

Fireworks can be alot of fun, but due to dangers presented by individuals most cities and countries around the world put on displays for our enjoyment, so we don’t. Remember many areas have already been plagued by wildfires, damaging thousands of acres, homes lost, firefighters and equipment pushed to their limits and beyond, so be safe and enjoy this and future 4th of July by planning a trip to an organized fireworks display. Most places that have these shows include music, food and other fun things see & do.

It’s funny that we, Americans, enjoy partying and in most cases have a day off from work to celebrate the holidays. How many of us truly know anything about them. I think that if you ask most Americans about the fourth of July that they might be able to tell you it relates to our gaining independence from the British(some might not even know that it was the British). I, too, had to do some research on the subject. I was truly amazed about the things that I had forgotten and the things that I did not know. One of the things that I learned was that the first “4th” of July celebration actually took place on the “8th”, after a committee of (5) men were tasked with duty of establishing the foundation of laws for this new country. What an awsome burden and responsibility, not only with that task, but knowing that you are putting their lives and those of your loved ones at risk. If the British found out or gained access to a copy of the document that these men put their names to, they would surely have been treated as traitors. How many of us today are truly willing to do that. I served in the military but feel my role was drawfed by their achievements and sacrifices. There are members in the military, today, who place their lives in danger daily to protect what our founding fathers established and they shoudl be remembered and thanked, for without their committment we would not enjoy these liberties. There are also those in foreign lands who are putting their lives ahead of personal needs and performing acts illustrating a demand for liberty. Freedom is not gained without sacrifice,and we need to remember that.

On a lighter/make you think note, I learned that on the 50th anniversary of the 4th of July, two of the original writers: Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died. How weird.

Finally, I learned in 1938 it was recognized as a national holiday.
The locations where these events took place would make for great vacations.

It was not my intent to offend, quite the opposite, I hope to inspire people to learn more about it and remmember those who sacrifices made this day off from work possible, and remember those who are out there everyday here and abroad defending our freedom and liberties.